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As Zip Line Accidents Continue to Occur, It is Important for Consumers to Understand That Safety and Construction Regulations Are Minimal

Recently, NBC Connecticut troubleshooters noted something that I have been speaking about for a long time as a concerned consumer safety advocate and amusement park accident attorney. Namely, it is an industry that is mostly self-regulated with little to no oversights, and accidents are happening at an ever-increasing rate.

Regulating Zip Lines and Preventing Accidents

As a zip line accident lawyer, one thing is for certain, that there is no one keeping track of how many zip line accidents occur, not even the government. While many are quick to state that zip lines have been in existence for many decades and operators and owners typically self-police, I often find myself on the other side, representing those who are catastrophically injured and unfortunately sometimes killed as a result of a zip line or amusement park accident.

Mostly, it is up to each state to set its own safety regulations and most states do not have many zip line regulations on the books and we are concerned that owners and operators of zip lines may not be conforming with industry standards.

In many of the zip line accidents we have investigated, we noted that equipment and procedures vary greatly and we were recently contacted by riders who have been injured due to faulty equipment.

Last winter when I was visiting the Caribbean on a cruise, zip line adventures were being regularly promoted and when I questioned a local cab driver, I learned that the zip lines were constructed without regulation by a local shop owner on the island who seemingly was putting profitability over the interests of safety. The cab driver told me tales of many accidents advising me and my family to stay away.

I am a firm believer in the saying that “chance favors the prepared man”, and if you really want to take necessary steps of precaution before you board a zip line, ask to see a copy of their inspection report, whether it is a state inspection report or an independent third party report.

As a consumer safety advocate focused on the amusement industry, we will continue to advocate state and federal legislation necessary to keep the amusement and zip line industry safe, and it has been proven that self-policing does not work.

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