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Trucking Accident Results in Severe Cognitive Dysfunction of Hard-Working Victim

Recently, one of our clients miraculously survived a violent trucking accident when his car was rear-ended by a loaded tractor-trailer and struck from behind at approximately 60 mph while stopped.

It is remarkable that the surviving victim lived, yet each day he is presented with sobering new evidence of a devastating brain injury that will drastically affect his lifetime earning capacity and has quite simply shattered the life, hopes, and dreams of this once well-functioning gentleman.  In short, the winds have been taken out of his sails financially and emotionally due to his resulting brain injury.

Trucking Accidents Result in Traumatic Brain Injuries

After a closed head injury or concussion, molecular changes occur inside the brain.  Although the brain in many ways is the body’s best-protected organ shielded by the skull as well as multiple layers of brain membrane, when the membranes are torn by the force of an accident or concussion, the brain becomes vulnerable to the influx of molecules known as free radicals including an inflammatory response that can lead to cell death and tissue damage.  This leads to a diminution of functional and cognitive capacity.

While many experts argue about what process happens inside a concussed brain and those suffering from a closed head trauma, we are well aware after representing victims of traumatic brain injury and working with internationally renowned specialists that a closed head injury resulting from a blow to the head can lead to significant physical problems, communication issues, cognitive deficiencies, speech and language issues which are often not able to be clearly communicated or defined.

Many times individuals will perform their daily activities and be able to walk, talk, and look normal but they have emotional problems and become frustrated with the recognition that their skills are not up to the level they were prior to their injury.  TBI victims notice that they have trouble concentrating, multi-tasking, and are unable to process information in a quick and proper fashion.

One of our clients, a skilled craftsman, was unable to focus or make proper measurements and lost his ability to concentrate doing finite and meticulous tasks.  By evaluating the condition via formal tests and role-playing various communication scenarios, working with some of the nation’s top neuropsychologists, neuropsychiatrists, cognitive neuro-specialists, and neurologists, we are able to conclusively and objectively demonstrate with a reasonable degree of medical certainty that the accident and resulting trauma to his brain were related and compensable.  With time, hopefully, there may be improvement.

The Experienced Truck Accident and TBI Attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm Can Help 

As a recognized member of the National Brain Injury Trial Lawyers Association, who works with some of the finest professionals, we are currently handling numerous major injury cases including brain injury, spinal cord injury, and recognize that brain injury is not a “myth” as many of our opponents would like us to believe.

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