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Suffolk County, NY Truck Accident Attorney

When a large semi-truck collides with smaller passenger vehicle such as a car, truck, or even SUV, there are often extensive and catastrophic personal injuries, as well as immense property damage. While trucks play an essential role in our economy, all too often truck drivers are negligent and cause an accident.

Suffolk County Roads

Suffolk county is the fourth most populated county in New York. Some of the major highways in Suffolk County include Interstate 495 which crosses the county and connects to Manhattan by the Queens-Midtown Tunnel. New York State Route 27 is another major road that trucks and other commercial vehicles frequently use. This road crosses the country from Nassau County in the West and extends to Montauk Point in the East.

Recently there was an accident between a tractor-trailer and a pickup truck north of the Long Island Expressway on North Ocean Avenue which left traffic backed up for nearly five hours. The pickup driver was taken to a local hospital for injuries. While it was not immediately reported what the cause of the accident was, this accident demonstrates that because of the vast differences in size and weight, when there is a truck accident the other driver is more likely to sustain injuries.

Who can be sued in a Truck Accident Case?

Determining who is to blame for an accident is often a complicated process and one that involves multiple people.  When it comes to who you can file a personal injury case against after an accident with a tractor trailer accident. In a truck or tractor trailer accident case there are multiple parties who you may be able to file a case against including:

The Truck Driver

A truck driver, or any driver for that matter, has a duty to drive as a reasonable driver. This means that they have a duty to observe all traffic signals and to avoid engaging in reckless behavior such as drinking and driving. When there is an accident that results from a truck driver not driving in the manner that they are expected to, then they can be held liable for any resulting injuries.

The Trucking Company

The trucking company also owes drivers on the road a certain duty. That is to ensure that the vehicles that they send out on the road are in proper working order. There have been many accidents that have resulted from a trucking company failing to maintain their vehicles in the manner prescribed. For instance, there have been many notable accidents involving the trailer hitch, when the trucking company would have noticed the defect had they conducted a reasonable inspection. In addition, the trucking company is often responsible for loading the cargo into the trailer. Cargo that is improperly loaded can shift and cause an accident.

The Owner of the Truck/Trailer

Most truck drivers do not own their own vehicle, but rather are employed by a company, or they rent their vehicle from another. In some instances, the owner of either the tractor or the trailer can be held liable for any accident that results from their vehicle.

Each accident is unique, not just in the events that led up to the accident, but also because of the parties involved. can typically be liable. However, while the parties may not always be the same, some of the tactics used by large companies to avoid liability are. Many companies will attempt to avoid responsibility for their negligence and try to shift the blame on to you. That is why it is imperative whenever you have been involved in an accident, that you contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Damages in a New York Truck Accident

In addition to being concerned about who can be sued in a truck accident case, many people who are involved in an accident sustain significant injuries and therefore substantial bills. While any motor vehicle accident can result in significant personal injury and property damage, because of the size and weight of many trucks, resulting injuries tend to be more severe. If you’ve been in an accident involving a large truck, you may be able to pursue compensation for any of the following damages:

Current Medical Bills

As in many accident reports, when there is an accident involving a tractor trailer the other driver is often taken to the hospital for their injuries. However, even with insurance, a hospital bill can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Future Medical Bills

While a stay in a hospital can costs you thousands of dollars if you have to undergo continuous treatment or further treatment you may be looking at a monthly expense you had not accounted for.  This can include costs of therapy and rehabilitation as well as any future medical procedures you may need that is connected to the original accident.

Pain and Suffering

Many accidents and injuries resulting from a tractor trailer accident are severe and cause significant pain and suffering. Not only do injuries hurt at the time but often the pain from a truck accident can last for days, weeks, months, years or even for the rest of your life.

Permanent Injury or Disability

All too often truck accidents result in permanent impairments and or disabilities. There are many reports of people losing a limb as a result of an accident, or being confined to a wheelchair because of their accident.

While we hope that this isn’t the case, there are many people who do not survive an accident with a tractor trailer. In these cases, you may also be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim to recover for such expenses such as funeral and burial costs, medical bills incurred before death as a result of the accident, pain, and suffering of the deceased.

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