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Kings County, NY Truck Accident Lawyer

Large trucks play a crucial role in New York’s economy, however, despite their utility, they often pose serious threats to those they share the road with. Accidents on New York and Kigs County roads are unfortunately all too common. According to the National Highway and Safety administration, one in nine fatalities involves a large truck. In addition to the fatalities, that accompany truck accidents, truck accidents often result in significant injuries and impairments.

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Common Truck Accidents in Kings County New York

Following are some of the more common types of large, commercial truck accidents:


Passenger vehicles are substantially outweighed by tractor trailers and because a fully loaded tractor can weigh as much as twenty times as a car, passenger vehicles rarely do well in an accident. Unfortunately, collisions are common, particularly when a vehicle is trying to come to a stop. Because of their immense size tractor trailers are not able to bring their vehicle to a complete stop in the amount of time necessary, leading to many rear end accidents. A fully loaded tractor trailer may require the length of multiple football fields to bring their car to a stop.

Rollover accidents

Rollover accidents often indicate that the driver was driving too fast for the conditions, or their cargo was not properly loaded in the vehicle. There are many other factors that can contribute to a rollover accident, including the weather.

Jackknife accidents

Often commercial vehicles are composed of a truck and a trailer, which are attached together by a hitch. Because these vehicles are not one single unit serious accidents often happen when the tractor loses control of the trailer behind them. Jackknife accidents are often the result of driving too fast for the road conditions including driving on icy roads, turning too quickly, driving too fast downhill, or sudden braking.

Drive under accidents

Driver under accidents are another unfortunate consequence of the size differential between standard cars and tractor trailers. A drive under accident occurs when the car, truck, or even SUV goes under the tractor or their trailer. Often these accidents are fatal or result in severe injuries and immense property damage. These accidents are common when a car does not stop in time and runs into the back of the truck.

Trailer detachment

A truck is often composed of a tractor and a trailer which are connected to each other by a hitch. The hitch is responsible for keeping the truck and the trailer functioning on the road as a single unit. However, when the hitch does not function the way that it is supposed to there can be severe consequences as the attached trailer is no longer stable. If the trailer becomes completely detached from the vehicle, then there is no way for the driver to gain control over the trailer.

Major Roads in Kings County New York

It is easy for many people to forget that Kings County exists, that is because it is entirely composed of Brooklyn. Kings County is the most heavily populated county in New York and is second only behind New York county. Some of the major roadways that connect Kinds County and Brooklyn with the rest of the other boroughs and also with the country include:

  • Brooklyn-Queens expressway
  • Gowanus Expressway
  • Prospect Expressway
  • Belt Parkway
  • Jackie Robinson Parkway

In addition to these major roadways which are more predominant in the southern sections of Brooklyn. Kings County is connected to Manhattan by three bridges; the Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Williamsburg bridges.

What should I do in the days Following a Truck Accident?

Truck accidents are often very traumatic events that can leave you not only injured but a bit overwhelmed. Because of the traumatic events that have just unfolded, many people are not in the right state of mind, and this is when the large insurance companies and large trucking companies step it to take advantage of people. If you have been involved in a truck accident, then here are some steps that you should take to avoid the large trucking companies’ high-pressure tactics.

Large trucking companies are often concerned with keeping their costs down, and this means that when there is an accident they will utilize their legal teams to immediately contact you to try and force a settlement. Many of these companies will send their attorneys and insurance agents out to the scene of an accident in an attempt to have you accept a ridiculously low offer and sign away your rights to litigate your case for any future injuries.

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