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Interstate 95 New York Truck Accident Attorney

Interstate 95 runs for 23.50 miles from the George Washington Bridge in New York City to the Connecticut State line at Port Chester.

  • I-95 / US 1-9 / US 46 in Fort Lee, NJ
  • NY 9A / Henry Hudson Parkway in Manhattan
  • I-87 / Harlem River Drive in the Bronx
  • I-895 in West Farms
  • Bronx River Parkway in West Farms
  • I-278 / I-678 / I-295 / Hutchinson River Parkway at the Bruckner Interchange
  • I-695 in Throggs Neck
  • Hutchinson River Parkway in Baychester and Eastchester
  • I-287 in Rye
  • I-95 in Greenwich, CT

Interstate 95 can pose a major problem for many drivers because of the sheer number of cars, trucks, and a commercial vehicle that use this road every day. Because this road notably connects many areas of New York City there are thousands of people and truck drivers who are merging on and off this road every day.

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Reasons and Factors Behind Truck and Commercial Vehicle Accidents

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After an accident it is always a challenge to piece together the exact reasons why the accident occurred, that is because most accidents with a commercial vehicle are caused by multiple factors, and sometimes it is not always easy to pinpoint one exact reason for an accident. Accidents involving commercial vehicles can be the result of a number of factors, including:

Errors by drivers –  Truck drivers are similar to other motorists on the road in that they are expected to follow the rules of the road, however, all too often these professional drivers  follow other vehicles too closely, speed, cut other drivers off, make unexpected lane changes, and make broad turns without proper regard for the other drivers on the road.

Human errors – Commercial vehicle drivers are prone to making many avoidable human errors, sometimes even before they get behind the wheel of their truck. Drivers are expected to rest for a certain amount of time before they drive, however, thousands of accidents are caused every year by drivers who are not adequately rested in accordance with federal regulations. IN addition, commercial drivers, like other drivers are expected not to drink alcohol before they operate a vehicle, however, there are numerous reports of drivers drinking and then driving which then leads to accidents.

Environmental issues –  Snow, rain, sleet, fog, high winds, paired with road maintenance, inadequately marked traffic patterns, and other safety-related issues can all contribute significantly to the likelihood that a truck will be involved in an accident with another driver on the road. While drivers should always be cautious on the road, when the weather and environmental conditions are not optimal for driving, drivers should expend more caution when they are on the road. However, commercial drivers are expected to make their appointments and deliver their cargo regardless of the conditions on the road, which can lead to many unnecessary accidents.

Mechanical failures or defects – Commercial vehicles and semi-trucks need to be regularly inspected, and even still there are many mechanical elements on a vehicle that can lead to an accident including defective breaks, faulty electrical systems, and defective tires.  Furthermore, when a vehicle is not properly maintained it can lead to a higher likelihood that the vehicle will be in an accident.

Our experienced attorneys will conduct a prompt and thorough investigation of the facts  to determine the cause of an accident. We have the resources and have employed experts including accident investigators, medical professionals, safety and trucking specialists, animation crews, bio-mechanical engineers, and others to help determine the cause of an accident.

Liable Parties for Truck Accidents on Interstate 95

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Not only are truck accidents complex because of the facts and events that lead up to an accident, but they are often complex because there are more parties involved than just the driver.  In addition to the driver themselves, other parties who may be liable for an accident may include any of the following or combination of the following:

The commercial vehicle owner – Sometimes drivers do not own the vehicle they are driving; in fact, this is the norm as opposed to the exception. However, there are a large number of drivers who rent a vehicle from another driver. When there is an accident involving a large commercial vehicle, the owner of the vehicle themselves may be held liable for an accident.

The freight owner –  The owner of the cargo or the freight may be held responsible if they loaded the vehicle and did not follow the strict guidelines for loading a vehicle. Often a trailer will be overloaded or the cargo will not be properly secured. In the event that cargo is not properly secured, the cargo may shift during the course of transport causing the driver to lose control and subsequently be involved in an accident. In these cases, the owner of the freight may be held liable for an accident.

The employer – Not only can the driver be held responsible, but many accidents can impose liability on the trucking company. Employers are generally liable fo the accidents that their employees cause during the course of their employment.

Vehicle or equipment manufacturers – as noted above, there are many accidents that can be attributed to a mechanical defect or outright failure. However, in some instances, even the most thorough inspection and diligent maintenance routine cannot prevent a defect in equipment attributed to a design defect.

The attorneys of Reiff Law Firm’s the Truck Accident Team will work with you and will engage in a thorough and rigorous investigation of all the parties who may be liable for a personal injury and accident with a commercial vehicle.

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