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I-95 Massachusetts Truck Accident Attorney

I-95 is the sixth longest highway in the United States, and runs from the Canadian border all the way down the coast, through New York, Pennsylvania, D.C., Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia, before ending in Florida.  Because it is so long, and connects so many major areas, it is traveled by thousands of drivers daily.  Since it is one of the major connections between Boston and the other major East Coast cities, you have likely driven on this highway at some point.

Because it connects these major port cities, it is often used by trucking companies as one of the main routes of travel between the big cities, and from big cities to outlying areas.  Massachusetts, in combination with the other states that have to live with this truck traffic, sees many fatalities from truck accidents every year.  Unfortunately for the innocent car drivers affected by these trucks, it is more likely that a truck accident will kill the drivers or passengers in another car, rather than in the truck.

Financial Compensation May Be Available for Truck Accident Victims

Trucks are enormous, and most people detest driving on the road with them because of the obvious possibilities for danger.  Sometimes, those possibilities become reality.  When a truck driver is at fault for injuries in a crash, those injuries can be mild, but are often much more severe or fatal.  When truck drivers and trucking companies cause these injuries, it is possible that they can be held accountable and pay for the injuries.

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Common injuries like scratches, bruises, and scrapes can occur in any crash, but when a truck that weighs many tons (even without any cargo) is involved, these injuries can be much worse than in a crash with another car.  Broken bones, concussions, and whiplash are also common, and, despite being so common, can actually lead to severe damage and painful recoveries.

Worse injuries to the head, brain, neck, back, and spine can be disastrous.  Your brain connects to the rest of your body through the nerves that run down your spine and back and out to your arms, legs, lungs, heart, etc.  If these main channels are injured, the effects can be devastating.  Strong head trauma can cause brain damage, leading to loss of function.  Damage to your neck, back, or spine can misalign the bones in your spinal column, pinching off nerves.  This can lead to numbness or paralysis in your body.  Even worse is when the damage completely severs your nerves.

Truck crashes can also leave people with lost limbs, permanent paralysis or numbness, or even take their life.  It is important to make sure that you get any injuries treated, even if they are not obvious until days or weeks after the crash, to prevent permanent injury.

What Kinds of Compensation Are Available?

You can take those who injured you, like truckers and their bosses at big trucking companies, to court over your injuries.  Often, the types of possible monetary awards can be confusing, but know that you have options for recovering many types of damages from a court.

If you had to pay medical expenses, or you will need to pay for continuing treatment in the future, you can be compensated.  If you did not cause your own injuries, the person who did should be made to pay your hospital bills and any other care expenses.  That means that things like wheelchairs, physical therapy, and even at-home nursing care may be compensable.  If your spouse’s life is changed by the need to care for you, they may be able to recover, too.

If you have missed work due to your injuries, or you are no longer able to work at your previous job, or even another job, you might be compensated.  Lost wages due to an injury are something that is closely tied to that injury and may be reimbursed by a court.

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The goal of going to court over injuries or death is to make the plaintiff “whole,” to whatever extent the court can do that.  That means reimbursing injured people for the pain and suffering their injuries caused.  Even if the victim of a truck accident died, there may be ways to get their heirs compensated for the suffering caused before death.

Finally, in cases against truckers, there may be monetary punishments held against the defendant.  These are usually used to punish defendants who broke rules or did especially heinous things.  Because trucking companies and truck drivers often break rules limiting how far they can drive, or how many hours a week the truck or the driver is allowed to work, victims of these dangerous practices may be able to recover greater damages.  In Massachusetts, unlike some states, neither pain and suffering nor punitive damages have any legal “cap” or limit for personal injury suits.

Talk to a Truck Accident Lawyer Serving Those Injured on I-95 In Massachusetts

If you or a loved one is one of the thousands of people injured in a crash with a truck, call the Truck Accident Team.  The Truck Accident Team fights big truck companies in Massachusetts and around the country to get victims of Big Trucking the compensation they deserve.  If you have lost someone to a truck accident or need help with your own medical bills from a truck accident, call the Truck Accident Team at (215) 709-6940.