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Tractor Trailer Overturns on the Long Island Expressway

On June 11, 2016 a tractor-trailer that was carrying crushed cars overturned on the Long Island Expressway after a sedan that was exiting the Sagtikos Parkway cut in front of the tractor-trailer in the eastbound lanes. This caused the tractor-trailer to jackknife and overturn. This accident caused both the drivers in the vehicles and a passenger in the sedan to be transported to a local hospital.

Why do rollovers Happen?

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration over 78% of rollovers involve driver error. A tractor-trailer rolling over is a major event and can cause serious damage to anyone who is involved. They can happen everywhere, while exit and entrance ramps pose a problem, rollovers can happen on straight roads as well. Driving too fast for the road and weather conditions is one of the biggest factors that lead to a rollover crash. However, there are many other factors that can lead to a crash including:

  • Vehicle design – Trucks and tractor-trailers have a much higher center of gravity as compared to a passenger vehicle. Any vehicle of structure with a higher center of gravity relative to its width has a much higher tendency to flip.
  • Load effects – Drivers who are involved in a tractor trailer flip accident often claim that their load shifted and that this was the reason for their accident. Tankers or trucks that are carrying liquid are particularly susceptible to rollovers. How much load a driver is carrying affects how the load will move.
  • Highway factors – The highway and the roadway pose substantial problems for drivers. Sharp curves, steep downhill grades, soft shoulders, narrow driveway entrances all are problematic for drivers. While many people believe that rollovers happen when a driver is exiting or entering the highway as it did here, rollovers can and do happen on straight highways as well. Drivers should proceed cautiously.
  • Driver factors – Drivers are perhaps the biggest reason for rollover crashes. Driver should conduct a thorough pre-drive inspection. Avoid speeding, distractions like talking on a cell phone, complacency, and fatigue, driving under the influence, physical conditions, and mental conditions. Tailgating, road rage, and failure to plan in advance can lead to a truck rollover crash.

This accident is interesting because the accident was not necessarily caused by the truck drivers themselves. As the news report states this accident was caused when a sedan that was attempting to enter the highway cut off the driver. This is important for all drivers to take into consideration. Even the most attentive tractor-trailer driver has limits and it is not easy to bring a trailer to a complete stop particularly very suddenly.

How can Drivers avoid Rollovers?

After you understand the factors that can lead to a roll over accident, it is important to explore tips that can reduce the chance that a truck and another person will be involved in a roll over accident. Some of the recommendations presented by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in their Drivers Guide to Cargo Tank Truck Rollover Prevention include:

  • Providing drivers with training tools – Motion-based simulators may provide drivers with a very effective training and techniques for new drivers and even experienced drivers to test their ability as well as provide them with a safe environment to learn how to avoid roll over accidents.
  • Avoiding excessive speed – It is a given that speed is a contributing factor to a roll over accident. Most rollover accidents are the result of a sudden movement such as breaking or shifting lanes, followed by the driver making a sudden movement to correct the error.

All drivers on the road including passenger vehicles should try and maintain the utmost attention when they are driving. By doing so they may avoid accidents like this one.


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