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Top 10 Most Dangerous States for Accidents Involving Cars and Trucks

Thousands of Americans are killed every year in car accidents.  Many of these accidents are caused by dangerous tractor-trailers and their trucking companies.  Altogether, you might expect that the largest states have the most deadly car accidents, since they have the most road.  Sometimes, the amount of traffic and population in an area is a better predictor of where the most accidents take place.

If you were involved in a truck accident in any of these states, contact an experienced truck accident attorney like those of the Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team.  If you have lost a loved one to a truck accident in these states, or anywhere in the country, you might be entitled to compensation.

Most Deadly States for Highway Accidents

Unfortunately, so many people lose loved ones to fatal car accidents every year.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration keeps records of crashes throughout the country and compiles them on their website.  The most recent data available was for 2014, so the following is the list of the ten states with the most car accident deaths from that year, plus the number of truck accidents involving passenger cars in each state:

1. Texas

With Texas as one of the largest states in the US, and one of the most populous, there is no surprise that Texas is on this list.  In 2014, Texas had 3,538 deadly car crashes.  With Interstate 10 typically landing on lists of the top 10 most deadly highways in the US, Texas is not surprisingly one of the most dangerous states for car accidents.  Texas also links some of the United States’ biggest trucking corridors between the East Coast and West Coast, and is a huge traffic hub.  Because of this, 114 of Texas’ crashes involved trucks and passenger cars.

2. California

California has many miles of highway and freeway, coupled with a high population tucked tightly into metropolitan areas.  With a total of 3,074 fatal accidents in 2014, California is the second most dangerous state.  Its truck routes run the length of the state, so it is unsurprising that it had 83 truck accidents.

3. Florida

Florida ranks third for most fatal crashes at 2,494 crashes in 2014.  Florida, California, and Texas all had a much higher number of crashes than the rest of the states on this list, with Florida nearly doubling the numbers of the next state on the list.  Florida had 54 truck crashes, too.

4. North Carolina

At slightly under half the number of accidents in Florida, North Carolina ranks fourth on our list with 1,284 fatal crashes in 2014.  North Carolina has some of the most traveled beaches on the East Coast, plus it is a trucking hub, where freight is redirected from the Eastern Seaboard out to the West.  North Carolina is actually a bit safer from truck accidents compared to the other states on this list with 37 truck accidents.

5. Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is called the Keystone Sate for a reason.  Historically, and even today, it is one of the states that links the East Coast together.  Today, it has heavily trafficked highways, linking New York and D.C. areas, as well as acting as a hub to extend shipping to the West.  Because of this, Pennsylvania saw 1,195 fatal crashes, and 52 truck accidents.

6. Georgia

Georgia, especially the Atlanta area, is another shipping hub, and links the largest highways in the Southeastern US together.  With one of the United States’ most heavily used airports, Atlanta is also one of the largest travel hubs in the South.  With 1,164 fatal accidents and 34 truck accidents, Georgia ranks sixth on our list.

7. New York

Despite the huge population and large size of New York, it ranks surprisingly low on our list.  Unlike California, Texas, and Florida, which see a lot of highway and freeway travel, New York’s population is centered in a city that focuses on public transportation and slow-moving traffic.  This leaves New York at seventh on our list, with 1,039 fatal accidents in 2014.  Also, since most of the city does not have room for large trucks to maneuver, New York saw significantly less large truck accidents than many states on this list with 26 large truck accidents.

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8. Ohio

Ohio is eighth on our list, and the last state with over 1,000 fatal crashes.  In 2014, Ohio had 1,006 fatal car accidents.  Again, Ohio is a larger state, with much more highway access.  Plus, some of the larger metropolitan areas in Ohio are the only major stops for shipping between the East Coast and the rest of the Midwestern states.  Because of its shipping importance, though Ohio has fewer accidents, it still had 50 truck accidents in 2014.

9. Tennessee

Tennessee is the ninth most dangerous state to drive in.  With 962 fatal accidents in 2014, Tennessee has only around 27% the number of fatal accidents as our number one state, Texas.  This matches with a lower number of truck accidents, as well, with Tennessee seeing 33 truck accidents in 2014.

10. Illinois

Illinois finishes off our list as the tenth most dangerous state for driving in the United States.  With 924 fatal crashes in 2014, Illinois has surprisingly fewer accidents than the other states.  Even though Chicago is the largest travel hub in the Midwestern US, much like New York City, it is heavily congested with traffic throughout most of the day, and is not conducive to truck shipping.  Despite this, there were still 34 truck accidents in 2014, more than New York’s 26 truck accidents.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney if You Have Been Hurt

These numbers are more than just numbers to us.  Each fatal accident means family members who grieve the loss of loved ones.  For truck accidents that are not fatal, victims are left with injuries, pain, medical bills, and may be unable to return to work.

the Reiff Law Firm’s The Truck Accident Team works to help victims of truck accidents get the compensation they need.  Whether you have lost a loved one or you were injured yourself, call us for a free consultation at (215) 709-6940.  Our lawyers can help you understand how your case could proceed and what compensation you might be entitled to.

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