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How is Technology Helping the Trucking Industry?

Car companies and trucking companies alike are investing large sums of money into technology geared towards making our roads safer. While the trucking industry may be heavily regulated by various state and federal organizations, they have yet to come together to implement mandatory safety technology, however, as these systems become more prevalent and more heavily tested they are naturally finding their way into trucks and preventing accidents.

However, while there has been a massive influx of technology in the trucking industry and commercial transportation systems are becoming more efficient, accidents are still an unfortunate part of the modern trucking industry. If you or someone you know has been injured in an accident involving a tractor trailer, semi truck, or another commercial vehicle, you should contact an experienced truck accident attorney today.

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Technology and the Trucking Industry

Modern technology is changing every day and trucking companies and truck manufacturers are constantly innovating and creating technology designed to help protect not only truck drivers but also those who share the road with them.  Over the past several years more and more technology has come out and or advanced that has pushed the trucking industry towards being overall safer. Some technology that has begun to make its way into the trucking industry includes:

Stability control  – Trucks are particularly vulnerable to rollover accidents. As a truck turns a corner they may lose control due to their elevated center of gravity.  Stability control allows trucks to shift weight and to maintain a stable center of gravity while a driver executes a turn.

Lane departure warning – Truck drivers fight fatigue and exhausting work hours. A driver may drift out of their lane even if a driver is fully alert, however, if a driver is not fully alert it can only take a second before their vehicle drifts out of its lane. A lane departure warning will give a loud beep to alert the driver that they have left their intended lane, which can prevent drivers from going off the road.

Collision avoidance systems – Collision avoidance systems are potentially revolutionary pieces of technology. These systems use a series of cameras and infrared motion sensors to detect not only where other cars are on the road, but where the tractor trailer is in relation to those cars and vehicles. These systems can apply the brakes, and can shift the car back into its intended lane before an accident.

Blind spot warning devices – one of the major reasons for tractor-trailer accidents is that trucks have excessively large blind spots. Blind spot warning devices to give drivers either a visible or audible signal when a car or another vehicle is in the trucks blind spot. By providing drivers with a sign when it is and is not safe for them to merge truck accidents may be reduced dramatically.

Interior cameras – As noted above and in several other articles truck drivers are notoriously overworked, under-rested, and in a fight against drowsiness. Interior cameras can help prevent accidents because it allows trucking companies to monitor driver performance. In addition, an interior camera could potentially be a useful litigation tool in the event that there is an accident.

Rear-view cameras – rear view cameras have been a part of the auto industry for several years, however, until now they have not become common in the trucking industry. Rear view cameras allow truck drivers to do a once impossible task. Back up with confidence in exactly where they are going.

While some of these features are not yet available in standard tractor trailers, many of them come in aftermarket upgrades that while expensive may potentially reduce or eliminate many accidents.

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