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When Speaking to an Insurance Company After an Accident, Don’t Assume that They are Your Friend

In many of the car and truck accident cases that I have handled since 1979, I am often called by the client after the client has given a damaging or inappropriate statement to an insurance company.  Many times, the unknowingly injured client will inadvertently give a statement which is extraordinarily damaging to an otherwise excellent claim.  One always has to remember that insurance companies want to be profitable. They are in the business of making money and will fight tooth and nail when it comes time to pay out claims.  Unfortunately for the people who experience auto accidents, insurance companies will look for every excuse in the book to deny the insured what they are rightfully owed under the terms of their policy.

Talking to an Insurance Company after a Car or Truck Accident

I say this not as a scare tactic, but because it is something which occurs in real life all too frequently and which people need to be aware of.  For example, I recently encountered an investigator from a defendant insurance company who sought to bully my client and myself into giving a statement.  At that stage, I informed him that he was not entitled to the same, and we would only have one bite at the apple after deposition where my client was represented by an attorney.  This investigator was initially extremely persistent, and only finally backed down after I asked him if he would permit his client to give a statement to my company.   Unsurprisingly, he replied no.  “You can’t blame me for trying,” he said and went on to tell me that usually, he is able to charm a statement either out of a claimant, or an unknowledgeable claimant’s attorney.

When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, it literally pays to stay vigilant and to always be aware of the ramifications of any interaction you have with an insurance company agent.  Insurance companies do not work in the best interest of their policy-holders because they don’t want to lose money.  Many times, insurance companies will make hollow promises.  They may even push to have you sign a document without legal representation, which then gives them the right to settle your claim for just a fraction of its true value.  We have found that, on average, a client who retains a knowledgeable and experienced attorney after a car accident or trucking accident will likely recover an amount significantly higher than the offer made to them without legal representation.

The Reiff Law Firm’s Car And Truck Accident Attorneys Help You With Insurance Companies

I would be extremely hesitant to advise anyone to represent themselves without a lawyer.  One would do well to always remember the saying, “He who represents himself has a fool for a client.”  Liability laws and technicalities can be extremely complex, and insurance company executives and their team of adjusters are highly skillful when it comes to calculating new ways to defend, delay, or completely deny payment in the interest of company profitability.  Without an experienced and aggressive attorney in your corner, you run a significantly higher risk of losing out to the trained experts employed by the insurance company. Call us today for a free consultation at (215) 709-6940.

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