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Remember that You Only Get “One Bite At The Apple” When Hiring an Attorney

When you hire a lawyer to represent your interests, remember that you only get “one bite at the apple” and that you should meet the attorney handling your case during the intake process and receive regular correspondence along the way.  In short, demand accountability.

The Reiff Law Firm Personal Injury Lawyers Put Clients’ Needs First

Over the last three decades as an aggressive Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer, I hear one common complaint from clients who have had a bad experience with an attorney or are looking to switch law firms, namely that they do not receive any communications from the lawyers representing them and that they have spent a scant amount of time with the client during the initial intake or interview.

When a new client comes into our law firm, I make it point to meet with each and every client and have a rule that all inquiries or concerns must be addressed within 24 hours.  The purpose is twofold, one is because I recognize that I must be accountable to my clients added to the fact that in the initial interview it must be clear to me which cases are worth pursuing and which ones are not.

While our skilled accident and catastrophic injury lawyers at The Reiff Law Firm may only accept approximately 5-10% of the cases that we review, we understand that the first meeting with our client is an important meeting in order to make a proper assessment so that the client has realistic expectations.  Many times we find that our firm receives clients or business several years later after a client may have had another accident or incident that occurred after we did not accept a previous case.  Those clients remember how thorough our lawyers were and how regularly we communicated with them in an honest fashion.

Our experienced Philadelphia trial lawyers and staff understand that without integrity nothing stands and being thorough and honest with our clients will win our firm more cases and ensure client satisfaction as well. Listening to our clients and their complaints can make all the difference in the world and reveals to the client we care about and understand their issues.  Listening also allows us to make more informed decisions and analysis about the case.  We understand that lawyers and staff members who do small things correctly will lead to a more successful operation.  We understand that referrals are the highest compliments that our law firm can receive and are the lifeblood of our law firm.

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