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Philadelphia Attorney for Injured Victims of Assault by a Bouncer

The possibility for violent criminal activity is a harsh reality in the Philadelphia metro area and across eastern Pennsylvania. While most people are law-abiding, the potential for crime, including violent crime, exists anywhere people frequently congregate. Since business owners and others who derive a benefit from others coming onto their property owe a duty to protect guests from known dangers, commercial and residential property owners — including hotel and restaurant proprietors, retailers and owners of apartment complexes — have a legal obligation to maintain adequate security for people on their premises.

Negligent security is a challenging but important branch of premises liability law. The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm can fight for individuals and families affected by negligent security issues. If you or a family member was attacked and seriously harmed and you believe negligent security was a factor, please contact us now for a free and confidential legal consultation.

Personal Injury Attorneys with Experience Across a Range Of Assault Cases Involving Security Failures

At The Reiff Law Firm, one of our founding attorneys, Jeffrey Reiff, has more than 36 years of practical, personal injury experience. All of our lawyers have a wealth of experience analyzing and successfully pursuing negligent security cases arising from circumstances such as:

  • A stabbing attack on two youths by fast-food restaurant employees
  • The rape of a woman by a hotel employee waiting in her room
  • Assaults at various locations enabled by seriously unsafe conditions, including the lack of security cameras and poor or improper lighting

For more than three-and-a-half decades, our lawyers have achieved success across the spectrum of catastrophic injury and wrongful death claims through diligent investigation and resourceful case-building. In cases involving criminal activity, our own investigator works both independently and with police and other authorities to gather all relevant evidence.

What Types of Negligent Security Injury Cases Can a Lawyer Help With?

A personal injury lawyer can assist with an array of negligent security injury situations. For instance, if you suffered a severe injury in the parking lot of a retail store, circumstances that may have contributed could have included:

  • Insufficient lighting in the parking lot.
  • A lack of security guards or patrol of the parking area.
  • A failure to provide emergency phones to call for help in high-crime neighborhoods.
  • Poor parking lot design that creates isolated, inconspicuous areas.

However, a parking lot is only one place where negligent security injuries are possible. Another common site for negligent security issues is also bathrooms and stairwells. These locations are often dangerous and prone to negligent security issues because they are somewhat isolated from main areas where people congregate. Stairways and stairwells may also be dimly lit and the twisting nature of a stairwell may also dampen calls or cries for help. The privacy afforded by bathrooms can also result in similar problems.

Apartment buildings are also common locations for negligent security incidents. Regardless of whether the apartment facility is a high-rise or a number of two to three story buildings, most residential facilities do present risks that need to be managed by a landlord or property management company. For instance, cameras may need to be installed in building hallways. In other scenarios management may need to take measures to ensure that only residents are admitted to the building and that trespassers do not congregate in the hallways. Building owners may also need to install convex mirrors so that residents and invited guests can see any concerning activity or individuals before they turn a corner.

If You Were Injured in an Assault by Bouncers or Security Staff in Philadelphia, Our Attorneys Can Help

When any personal injury occurs, the likelihood of success for a lawsuit to obtain compensation for injuries is highly dependent on the facts and circumstances present.  Therefore, it is essential for negligent security victims to contact a lawyer as soon as practicable. Following negligent security incidents, it is not uncommon for building owners to finally make long-needed changes to a facility. It is essential to capture the scene as it existed at the time of your injury and to preserve all relevant evidence. Frequently evidence to support your case is gathered through investigation, witness accounts, photographic or video evidence and expert testimony. In many such cases, we can work to unearth certain crucial factors such as a lack of employee background checks or the location’s history of known criminal activity.

After evaluating the basic facts of your valid case, we can move forward to questions of law and legal strategy including working to establish the role of negligent security. We can work to establish that the landlord, store owner, or management failed to take reasonable precautions to address security issues that were known or should have been known about. To make a successful recovery, it is essential for a personal injury victim to prove each and every element of the claim he or she brings. We can work on a manner of presenting the facts that increase the likelihood that a judge and jury will be receptive to your legal claims.

At The Reiff Law Firm, our attorneys work on a personal, caring basis with our clients. We always emphasize client service when we decide to take a case. We will never leave you uninformed or with open questions regarding your negligent security lawsuit. We understand that individuals have many questions when deciding whether filing a lawsuit is right for them and we are happy to answer each and every question.

To learn whether you may have a valid claim for your negligent security injury and to discuss what our legal team can envision accomplishing for you, please call us at (215) 709-6940 or send us an e-mail requesting a free, no-risk case evaluation.