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Philadelphia Lawyer for Car Accident Caused by a Concrete or Cement Truck

In the hands of a negligent or inexperienced truck driver, a cement truck can be an extremely dangerous vehicle. Not only should a motorist be concerned about the size and the weight of a cement truck, but they should also beware the possibility of cement mix being spread on their vehicles or the road in the event of an accident. If you or a family member was severely injured in an accident with a concrete truck, you should consult with an experienced Philadelphia cement truck accident lawyer today.

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4 Common Causes of Cement Truck Accidents

Cement trucks are used to transport materials that are used to pave and repair roads. Before the cement is used, it exists as a liquid that will solidify once it is poured. However, before it is used at a construction site, this substance must be carefully transported. Truck drivers that operate a cement truck negligently could cause several types of accidents.

The following is a list of common causes of cement truck accidents.

Uneven Weight

Concrete trucks typically carry liquid cement in a cylindrical tank that is attached to the top of the truck. As cement trucks already weigh several tons, carrying liquid cement that can shift back and forth can be dangerous under certain circumstances. For example, if a truck driver is attempting to make a swift turn and the weight from the cement shifts as they are making the turn, it is possible the vehicle could tip over.

If a concrete truck flips over, there is a possibility that it could spill cement over the roads and cause additional accidents.


If a truck driver is transporting wet cement, they are almost certainly in a hurry to reach their destination before it dries and hardens. This can lead to a truck driver speeding and acting erratically to ensure they reach the construction site on time. Speeding and weaving in and out of traffic in a large cement truck is a recipe for disaster. As mentioned, the weight of the cement will cause the vehicle to become unstable and more difficult to maneuver.

If a truck driver crashes into your vehicle because they were speeding towards a construction site, the driver and their employer may be liable for your injuries.

Poor Vehicle Maintenance

The transportation of wet cement can cause the equipment and components of a truck to deteriorate quicker than normal. That is why it is important for trucking and construction companies to service their vehicles when necessary.

Unfortunately, some companies may neglect to perform maintenance on their fleet of vehicles, which can lead to a serious accident. For example, if the tires on a cement truck explode due to the weight of carrying cement, this could be avoided if the tires on the vehicle were frequently changed.

Driver Error

One of the most common causes of cement truck accidents and practically any type of truck accident is driver error. Some truck drivers will overestimate their ability to maneuver a vehicle and will put other motorists in danger while driving. Other drivers may simply be too inexperienced to drive a large cement truck.

There are several other causes of trucking accidents that are not discussed in this article. To learn more about filing a lawsuit for a serious trucking accident, you should continue reading and speak with an experienced Philadelphia personal injury attorney.

Common Injuries After a Truck Collision

The sheer weight and size of a commercial truck can make accidents with passenger vehicles dangerous. One of the most common types of injuries associated with truck collisions are crushing injuries. These injuries are likely to occur even when a truck collides with a passenger vehicle at a low rate of speed.

Other injuries that are common after truck accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • Cuts/Lacerations
  • Head/Traumatic brain injuries (concussions)
  • Soft tissue injuries (whiplash)

Our firm is ready to help you file a personal injury lawsuit for these injuries and any other injuries caused by a negligent truck driver.

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