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Philadelphia Hotel Injury Attorney

Hotel owners and hotel managers must take the reasonable and necessary steps to make sure that injuries and deaths do not occur to patrons, visitors, and workers while on their property. Hotels have a general duty to reasonably protect guests from harm caused by other guests or non-guests and an affirmative duty to make the premises reasonably safe for their guests. An accident that takes place because there is a condition in a hotel that is unsafe can be grounds for a hotel liability claim or lawsuit.

Dangerous Accidents That Can Occur in Pennsylvania Hotels Because of Premises Liability Include:

  • Food poisoning (due to unsanitary food handlers or contaminated food)
  • Swimming accidents
  • Motor vehicle accidents (in the hotel parking lot)
  • Hotel fires
  • Violent crimes, including theft, rape, assault, battery, robbery, and murder, which falls under the umbrella of premises security law

Hotels have a duty to make the premises safe. This includes preventing injury from open hazards, but also “hidden” dangers. Installing the proper lighting in hallways, stairwells, parking lots, and other dark areas, making sure that the locks on all doors are working properly, clearing any debris out of hallways, and eliminating any fire hazards are some examples of steps that hotel owners and managers must take to protect patrons and workers from getting hurt or killed. A hotel guest or visitor that is injured on the premise may be legally entitled to file a Pennsylvania premises liability claim against the hotel owner, the property manager, or any other negligent parties.

Since 1979, our experienced Philadelphia lawyers at The Reiff Law Firm have aggressively represented clients that have been injured on other people’s premises, including hotels, motels, and inns. We have successfully handled Pennsylvania injury cases involving hotel liability, casino accidents, slip and fall accidents, and inadequate security cases.

The Pennsylvania and premises liability lawyers at The Reiff Law Firm (/) work on a contingent fee basis, charging a small percentage of the recovery. There are no fees unless there is a successful recovery. They have had handled thousands of personal injury cases and have successfully recovered in excess of $150 million dollars from their opponents for physical injuries and emotional damages.

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