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Philadelphia Attorney for Injuries Caused by a Babysitter

When you place a babysitter or nanny in charge of your children, you expect them to take the same care and consideration for your children’s safety that you would. Many parents make sure that their babysitters and other caregivers have CPR training and first aid training and that they know what to do in the event of an accident – but parents hope that they never need these skills.

If your child was injured while under the supervision of a babysitter or nanny or if your babysitter caused intentional injuries to your child, you might be entitled to sue them for the injuries, medical expenses, and other damages your child and your family suffered. For help with your injury case, call the Philadelphia attorneys for injuries caused by a babysitter at the Reiff Law Firm today at (215) 709-6940.

Suing for Injuries to Your Child Caused by a Babysitter in Philadelphia

When your babysitter is in charge of your children, they have a duty to keep your children safe. Usually, this puts a standard of “reasonableness” on your babysitter’s actions, such that the care and supervision they provide must be on par with the care and skill that another reasonably prudent babysitter would provide. If the babysitter breached this duty, you might be entitled to sue them for the injuries your child sustained.

Many accidents and injuries under a babysitter’s supervision occur in the home. Allowing a child to go unsupervised could lead to injuries that the babysitter could have prevented. This could happen if the child is left to play in the back yard, jump around on furniture, or play with kitchen tools or power tools when the babysitter should have been keeping a better eye on them. Injuries from lack of supervision around pets or dangerous conditions on the premises could also be the babysitter’s responsibility. Choking hazards and other dangers should also be properly monitored to avoid injury, and failing to give children age-appropriate toys and devices could cause injury if there is no proper supervision.

Other accidents and injuries under a babysitter’s supervision occur in the car. If your babysitter or nanny drives your children around as part of their services, they could be held responsible for an accident they caused on the road. This could help you get compensation for your child’s injuries or death.

Other injuries are not accidents at all. Babysitters that get frustrated with a child’s behavior might resort to physical violence to attempt to control the child. Shaking a baby, striking a child, or closing a child in a dark room or small room for “time-out” might be considered child abuse or serious neglect. Failing to feed the children or otherwise abusing or neglecting the child is also unacceptable and could lead to a lawsuit.

Damages for Children Injured by a Babysitter or Nanny in Philadelphia

In most cases, lawsuits for damages caused by a babysitter can be filed against the babysitter directly. In injury cases that occurred in your own home, your homeowners insurance might cover some damages, but you might alternatively be able to file the case against your babysitter’s homeowners insurance or other insurance to cover the damages. If the injuries occurred in a car accident, your damages might be paid by the babysitter’s auto insurance policy. In some cases, claims against babysitters provided by a babysitting service or daycare center might be filed against the service. The ability to join the babysitter’s employer in the lawsuit will depend on how the babysitter is paid and whether they are your household employee or an employee or independent contractor at a babysitting service.

In any case, you might be entitled to compensation for the injuries your child suffered. In many cases with serious injuries, your child will need medical treatment at the ER or another healthcare institute, and this could lead to expensive medical bills. If your child suffered serious injuries, they could even suffer ongoing care needs and might face disabilities that could affect their future ability to support themselves and earn a living wage. These economic damages can be compensated at their full value in a lawsuit, but claims against insurance policies might leave you with unpaid expenses because of certain limitations in the policy. Because of this, it is vital to talk to a lawyer about how to file your claim.

One area of damages that is also particularly important is compensation for pain and suffering. If your child suffered serious pain and mental or emotional distress from the injury, you could be entitled to claim damages for their pain and suffering. These noneconomic damages are often not covered in insurance claims, so you might need to file a lawsuit to maximize the damages you are entitled to.

Talk to a lawyer about what your claim might be worth and how to maximize the compensation you are entitled to. Settlements and insurance claims might limit your damages, and restitution from criminal charges against the babysitter or nanny might fall short of getting you the compensation you need. Talk to a lawyer for help evaluating what your claim should be worth and how to proceed.

Call Our Injury Attorney for Claims Against Negligent and Abusive Nannies and Babysitters in Philadelphia

If your child was seriously injured in an accident caused by a babysitter or nanny’s negligence or if your babysitter’s intentional injuries or abusive actions harmed your child, call the Reiff Law Firm today. Our Philadelphia attorney for injuries caused by a babysitter might be able to help you file a lawsuit to seek compensation and justice for the injuries your child suffered. For a free case consultation, call our attorneys today at (215) 709-6940.