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Philadelphia Railroad Crossing Accidents Lawyer

A little over 34 years ago, a dear friend of mine was struck and killed by a train when it was passing through a train crossing. The accident that occurred was clearly preventable and the memory of my friend reminds me that railroad crossing accidents are always catastrophic and most times result in wrongful death. I have been an experienced Philadelphia personal injury and car accident lawyer practicing since 1979 representing catastrophically injured clients in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and throughout the United States in conjunction with other prominent personal injury lawyers.

Railroad Crossings: A Very Dangerous Environment For Car Accidents

Almost always, a train crossing accident occurs when a train strikes another vehicle, normally a car, truck an SUV or a bus. As one can easily imagine, the extreme weight and motion of the train overpowers anything in its path. This past week in Iowa a third train versus car accident occurred at the same crossing in less than two months. Most drivers don’t obey the rules of the road when approaching a crossing or railroad track. Many times they will attempt to beat the gate or signal. Always remember that the trains have the right of way. And always remember that railroad crossings are a very dangerous environment.

Many times in our investigation of railroad accident and Amtrak train accident cases, we have determined that the train or railroad company was also at fault due to the fact that crossing lights were malfunctioning or non-functional and that the crossing gate was improperly working. Sometimes, cars are parked close to crossings and one might assume that they are parked when in fact they are moving or the parked car may obscure the vision of another train moving towards the crossing.

The courts of the United States have held that railroads have a general duty to maintain the safety of railroad crossings and have a duty to warn operators of motor vehicles of oncoming trains and potential hazards. Pennsylvania is a state with many railroads. Railroad cases can be complex. Like most common carriers, train companies are quite adept at defending themselves in train accidents.

If You Were in an Accident at a Railroad Crossing, Our Attorneys Can Help

If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident or railroad injury, time is of the essence and you should contact an experienced train and car accident lawyer immediately to begin an investigation into the car and train accident case. The experienced car accident and Philadelphia train accident lawyers at The Reiff Law Firm understand the Federal laws that regulate railroads.

We also understand the dangerous conditions that exist at railroad crossings and have personal experience to handle your claim aggressively.

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