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Pennsylvania Food Recall Attorneys

Our Attorneys Explain the First Line of Food Safety

The FDA and other state agencies and consumer groups work hard to alert consumers of potential food safety issues. U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, for instance, monitors for reports of unsafe or dangerous products and regularly publishes lists of potentially hazardous cosmetics, appliances, clothing, electronics, furniture, sporting goods and other consumer goods. The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services regularly informs the public of food safety recalls through its website. Reported recalls have covered a variety of products sold at major national retails.

Food safety recalls and alerts are issued extremely frequently; sometimes multiple times in a single day. At times, it can seem impossible to stay adequate informed of every known risk. A small selection of these recalls and food safety alerts include:

  • Recalled hams after concerns of listeria contamination
  • Recalled beef because of a failure to inspect at USDA standards
  • Recalled hot dogs because of an undeclared allergen
  • Recalled canned tomato sauce due to spoilage before expiration date
  • Organic frozen juice exposes 162 in 10 states to Hepatitis A before recall
  • Peanut butter contaminated with salmonella kills 9 and sickens 700 people

Unfortunately this first line of defense has been stretched thin in recent years due to the sequester and other government budget cuts.  Although USDA meat inspectors were kept on the job during the 16-day 2013 government shutdown, many FDA inspections were delayed. When contaminated food slips through the first line of defense, our attorneys are standing ready to hold those who made you sick accountable.

Our Experienced Personal Injury Litigators Can Stand Up for You

If you or a family member were sickened after eating recalled food, you are undoubtedly are facing significant expenses potentially including missed work, hospital bills, and other medical treatment.  However you should not be forced to pay for the negligence or intentional act of another.  Under federal or Pennsylvania law, you may be able to hold liable parties responsible for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, another costs associated with your injury.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling food safety recall litigation.  While the circumstances causing the safety issue are different in every case, we remain committed to a thorough investigation of each incident followed by strategic, tenacious representation.  Whether the food safety issue occurred at the initial source, when a bacteria or contaminate was introduced along the supply line, when unsafe storage or handling made the item unsafe, or if the food item was improperly labeled our attorneys have the experience to handle your specific legal situation.

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