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Pennsylvania Department of Transportation 2015 Crash Report findings for Car Accidents

Each year the Department of Transportation compiles a booklet that documents motor vehicle accidents across the Commonwealth. This booklet delineates all of the reportable traffic accidents that have been reported across the state. Looking at these reports can be very beneficial at gaining an understanding the danger on our roads as well as understanding the legal landscape.

The Philadelphia car accident lawyers at The Reiff Law Firm can utilize their years of experience and training to fight to increase the likelihood that you will receive an appropriate level compensation for your injuries following an accident. Our attorneys approach each and every personal injury matter strategically. The Reiff Law Firm’s personal injury attorneys recognize that all cases have their own unique facts, circumstances, and goals. Therefore we always engage in extensive investigation and fact-finding before pursuing all legal avenues that are reasonably likely to result in a favorable jury award or settlement.

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Facts About Pennsylvania Roads

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is comprised of 67 counties and is covered by over 120,000 miles of roads and highways. When there is an accident on a Pennsylvania road the accident is reported to both the Pennsylvania State Police, as well as nearly 1,300 local municipal police departments. This information is used by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation to address any areas of concern they may have with the roads. Accidents across the state are a major concern for police officials. In 2015, there were 127,127 reportable traffic crashes. With a reportable crash being defined as “A crash resulting in a death within 30 days of the crash; or injury in any degree, to any person involved; or crashes resulting in damage to any vehicle serious enough to require towing.“ With well over 100,000 accidents every year when broken down to averages it is evident why there is a cause for concern. According to the numbers each day there are 348 reportable traffic crashes occurred, which broken down further averages out to be approximately fifteen crashes every hour. Furthermore, each day there are 3 people who are killed in a reportable traffic accident, these breaks down to at least one death every seven (7) hours.  In addition, each day there are 225 people who are injured in a reportable traffic accident, which rounds out to be nearly nine (9) injuries every hour.

People Involved in Car Accidents in PA By the Numbers

With over 100,000 accidents documented in 2015, a car accident is likely to happen to someone you know. Based on the population of Pennsylvania compared to the number of accidents one out over every forty-four people was involved in a reportable traffic crash. One out of every 156 people was injured in a reportable traffic crash. And one out of every 10,669 people was killed in a reportable traffic crash.

Not surprising to some, but in every age group, male drivers were more likely to be involved in a crash as compared to female drivers. According to the charts available in the 2015 crash report the number of accidents when broken down by age group and gender were as follows:

  • 16- 20 – 13,853 boys and 9,973 girls
  • 21-25 -17,444 boys and 12,765 were girls
  • 26-30 -13,755 boys and 9,759 were girls
  • 31-35 -11,323 boys and 7,989 were girls
  • 36-40 – 9,270 boys and 6,496 were girls
  • 41-45 – 9,055 boys and 6,356 were girls
  • 46-50 – 9,449 boys and 6,158 were girls
  • 51-55 – 9594 boys and 6,074 were girls
  • 56-60 – 8,239 boys and 5,203 were girls
  • 61-65 – 6188 boys and 3,983 were girls
  • 66-70 – 4,393 boys and 2,864 were girls
  • 71-75 – 2,976 boys and 2,071 were girls
  • Over 75 – 4,247 boys and 3,072 were girls

From these numbers, it is apparent that male drivers who were between the ages of 21-25 were more likely to be involved in a crash than any other driver.

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Common Injuries from Car Accidents

Car accidents are naturally traumatic events because of the sheer amount of force that is involved in them. Even in an accident where the drivers were not traveling very fast, an accident can result in severe injuries. Some of the most common injuries sustained by car accident victims include:

  • Neck injuries including whiplash – generalized neck pain and trauma are exceedingly common in a car accident. This is because when a car is in an accident inertia continues to push the body forward causing the delicate muscles, tendons, ligaments, and even bones in the neck to endure extreme forces.
  • Head injuries – even in a minor car accident the driver or the occupant or both can sustain head injuries. In cases where the airbag deploys a person may still sustain injuries to the head including skull fractures and more serious brain bleeds.
  • Spinal cord injuries – the spinal cord is the essential link between the brain and the rest of the body. Any trauma to the delicate spinal cord – which is a fibrous tissue that runs through the bones in the spine – can result in long-lasting and even permanent damage including paralysis and even death.
  • Internal injuries – Sometimes injuries cannot be seen by a casual observer or even an emergency medical technician, but can only be diagnosed by a doctor who can conduct tests to determine internal injuries. Injuries to internal organs can include damage to the kidney’s, spleen, liver, lungs, heart, as well as nerves throughout the body.

While these injuries may be relatively easy to diagnose and even to treat, a common injury that can impede recovery and may never fully heal are the type that occurs to the psyche. Psychological injuries resulting from a car accident can be some of the most long-lasting, as well as the most debilitating.

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