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New Jersey Airbag Injury Attorneys

Was an Airbag Defect a Factor in Your Car Wreck?

Among the most important traits of a personal injury lawyer is the determination to consider all aspects of an accident — whether or not these factors are immediately apparent causes of injuries or a fatality. At The Reiff Law Firm, our diligence in identifying and substantiating dangerous vehicle safety shortcomings has been instrumental in many large monetary recoveries for our clients.

Whether an airbag in your vehicle failed to deploy, went off too late, deployed in an over aggressive and violent fashion, or deployed but serious injuries still occurred, you can turn to us for a thorough, honest investigation and assessment of your case and legal options. We offer a free initial consultation and, if we take on your case, you will pay no attorney fees or costs unless you win monetary compensation.

Serious Injury Lawyers Equipped to Take on Powerful Manufacturers

Since becoming standard equipment on passenger cars and trucks in the early 1990s, airbags have undoubtedly saved many lives. In other situations, however, a design problem, manufacturing defect or maintenance issue with an airbag may justify legal action for negligence and product liability.

Our attorneys are prepared to investigate your vehicle accident thoroughly and call on relevant experts to determine whether any type of auto defect was a factor. We will evaluate claims and possibilities involving:

  • An airbag’s failure to deploy upon impact or delayed deployment, resulting in exposure to the types of catastrophic injury they are designed to protect against
  • Sudden and unnecessary or excessively violent airbag deployment, causing a wrongful death or injuries ranging from severe whiplash to a broken neck, head and brain injuries or spinal cord damage resulting in paralysis

We have successfully handled cases involving air bag sensor failure and other defects resulting in severe “bag slap” injuries. In multiple cases, eye and vision loss were among the consequences, and we have been able to win sizable recoveries for our clients.

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Our legal team are proud members of a prestigious and recognized organization of a small group of highly qualified and experienced airbag defect attorneys and experts from across the nation who meet regularly throughout the year and are in contact on a daily basis to examine, investigate and litigate auto defect litigation — including cases arising from airbag injuries — and so we are aware of known problems, product recalls, OSI’s (other similar instances) and other issues relevant to your case. After a car accident, you can depend on our legal team for diligence in research and investigation — and for the pursuit of your valid claim against any insurer, auto manufacturer or other party responsible for negligence.