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Lancaster, PA Personal Injury Lawyer

Suffering a personal injury can be life-altering.  One minute you are busy doing all of the things that you like and are accustomed to, and then the next you are in pain and need assistance to complete even previously routine tasks.  All the while, you wonder what you did to deserve this pain and frustration.

The truth is that it is not uncommon for the victim of an accident to blame him or herself for the injury.  But if another person’s negligence, carelessness or intentional act caused your injury you should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney.  At The Reiff Law Firm we have represented accident victims for more than 34 years.  Our attorneys hold people and companies accountable for the injuries they cause.

What are the Common Reasons for Personal Injury?

While every accident is different, after 34 years we have identified areas from which personal injury claims often spring.  Some of these high traffic areas include:

  • Car accidents – While accidents have always been a fact of life, the proliferation of cell phones and other electronic devices has resulted in a significant increase in accidents due to distracted driving.  We handle all accident types including accidents due to speeding, failure to yield, and accidents at intersections. We also represent motorcyclists and commercial vehicle drivers.
  • Slip and falls – Each year thousands of Pennsylvanians are injured due to the negligence of property owners.  We can help you secure compensation for your injuries whether you slipped on snow and ice, tumbled down an unsafe stairway, slipped on a puddle in a retail shop or fell from a ladder.  Our attorneys will explain the law and each step of the personal injury litigation process to you.
  • Burn injuries – Burns are often regarded as one of the most painful injuries possible.  For severe third-degree burns, extensive reconstructive surgeries may be required.  Our personal injury practice handles all types of serious burn claims including due to a house fire, burns caused by a defective product and chemical burns.
  • Medical mistakes – According to the Journal of Patient Safety, each year as many as 440,000 people may suffer some medical mistake that contributes to their death.

Regardless of the cause of your personal injury, the attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm can lead you through each step of the litigation process.

What Types of Awards are Available in Personal Injury Cases?

In your personal injury case, the main types of damages you would seek are compensatory damages and punitive damages.  Compensatory damages are intended to make the victim of the accident whole.  That is, a compensatory damage award is given to make up for what the victim lost due to the injury.  Compensatory damages can include medical expenses, lost wages, property damage and pain and suffering.

Punitive damages differ from compensatory damages.  If granted they are still awarded to the plaintiff in the matter but they serve a different purpose.  Rather than being designed to make a victim whole, punitive damages are generally viewed as a vehicle for the court to send a message to the public-at-large that this type of conduct is unacceptable.  Additionally, punitive damages punish the tortfeasor and are considered to act as a deterrent to individuals who would otherwise act in a similar fashion in the future.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help if You were Injured in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

For more than 34 years The Reiff Law Firm has protected the rights of accident victims.  If you have suffered a personal injury due to a slip and fall, burn injury, medical mistake, or under other circumstance we can help. To schedule your no-obligation consultation call us at (215) 709-6940 or contact us online today.

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