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At What Point Should You Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident in Pennsylvania?

The first thing anyone should do after a car accident is to seek medical attention. After that, you should contact our Philadelphia car accident attorney. This is especially true if other drivers involved in the accident have retained legal representation or if you must deal with an insurance company. The attorneys at the Reiff Law Firm are dedicated to providing professional and compassionate representation for victims of car accidents. In the following paragraphs, we discuss the importance of securing legal help as soon as possible.

Your Pennsylvania Personal Injury Case Should Begin Immediately After Your Car Accident

Personal injury lawsuits are often long and complicated legal proceedings. To prevail requires planning and preparation. By retaining legal help soon after your accident, you increase your chances of success.

Winning or losing a personal injury lawsuit often depends on the evidence presented at trial. However, all evidence is not always available for an infinite period. For example, video footage showing what happened leading up to and during a car accident could present a persuasive argument in your favor. Many stretches of road and highway are covered by surveillance cameras attached to local businesses. In nearly every case, this footage is only saved for a short time. Our experienced Pennsylvania car accident attorney needs to contact these businesses immediately after an accident to preserve the vital evidence.

Additionally, it is usually best to speak with an accident witness as soon as possible. While a police report provides details of what occurred, it is rarely sufficient to decide a case. By carefully questioning witnesses immediately following a car crash, we can obtain sworn testimony while the incident is still fresh in their minds.

Our Attorney Will Begin Documenting Your Injuries and Medical Treatment After a Car Accident in Pennsylvania

To file a personal injury lawsuit in Pennsylvania, you must have suffered an injury. It is crucial to document your injuries and directly trace them back to your accident to maximize your potential recovery. Any delay in seeking medical attention will open a door for the defense to argue that your injuries originated elsewhere.

While getting early medical treatment is essential, you also want to be building your case from the first time you see your doctor. You must follow through with any treatment prescribed and ensure you document every step of your recovery. An attorney understands the importance of gathering medical evidence from the very beginning of treatment. Our Pennsylvania car accident attorney will work with you and your healthcare providers to collect reports and testimony regarding the severity and impact of your injuries.

Retaining an Attorney Early Will Help Increase Your Compensation After a Pennsylvania Car Accident

Filing a personal injury lawsuit or accepting an insurance company’s settlement offer will not take your injuries away. You are looking to be made financially whole after a car accident – whether that is recovering for your medical expenses or having your personal property repaired or replaced. If you have the assistance of our Pennsylvania car accident attorney early in the process, you have a greater chance of increasing your potential compensation. Just as it is crucial to document your injuries, you must document your economic losses. By engaging an attorney early in the process, you can ensure that all the expenses you can legally recover are counted.

In addition to recovering your financial losses, you can also recover for your pain and suffering through a personal injury lawsuit. Also called non-economic damages, the compensation people are awarded for their emotional and physical harm is often greater than their economic losses. Similarly, to prove fault in a car accident case, it takes time and resources to examine and quantify your pain and suffering. The more time our law office has to collect evidence and testimony regarding the mental and emotional harm you suffered, the more compelling argument we can make.

An Attorney Can Help Dealing with an Insurance Company after a Car Accident in Pennsylvania

A victim of a car accident could be compensated through a personal injury lawsuit or through a settlement offer from an insurance provider. While in many cases an injured person could recover more by taking their case to trial, a settlement often offers a faster payment. To make an informed decision regarding a settlement offer, you should have the help of our Pennsylvania car accident attorney. Without knowing what your claim is worth, it is impossible to tell if the offer is fair. Our office will go over the facts of your accident and give you a good faith estimate of the value of your case. Remember, our attorneys have a legal obligation to represent your best interests. The insurance company has attorneys and adjusters working to limit the amount of money they are required to pay – they are not working for you. You should never accept an offer from an insurance company without discussing the settlement with an experienced Pennsylvania personal injury attorney.

Call Our Pennsylvania Attorney Immediately After a Car Accident

The days following a car accident are often a whirlwind of phone calls, doctors’ appointments, and medical treatments. While you are worried about your health, you also must be concerned about your legal rights and options. You should contact our Philadelphia personal injury lawyer immediately following a crash, allowing our office time to begin your personal injury lawsuit. We will also communicate with any insurance companies or other lawyers. Often, the success of a personal injury claim rests on how soon an experienced attorney can start preparing a case. To schedule a free consultation to review your legal options, call the Reiff Law Firm at (215) 709-6940.

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