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Is GM’s Defect Now Causing Flaws in Their Car’s Air Bags?

While GM is recalling millions of vehicles for an ignition switch flaw, the Center for U.S. Safety also has advised that the company may have an airbag defect connected to deadly accidents in the Chevrolet and Impala.

The Center for U.S. Safety sent a letter to U.S. regulators citing a government petition by a former GM researcher claiming to have found a sensor fault that can misread a passenger’s weight and render front airbags inoperable.   Donald Friedman has asked the U.S. National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration to open a defect investigation into the model years of GM Impala from 2003 to 2010.  There have been 143 fatalities reported in frontal crashes whereupon the Impala airbags did not deploy.  It is alleged that there is a flawed algorithm in the software and computer code which may be causing the airbag failure.

As auto product liability attorneys for over three and a half decades who have litigated numerous cases against major automobile manufacturers involving sensor defects in airbags, we are well aware of software issues that may arise which can incorrectly indicate passenger’s seats as empty leading to airbag failure in crashes.

Investigations over Airbag Defects and Failures Involving Ford, Toyota, Honda, Volvo & Chrysler

The auto product defect and airbag defect lawyers of The Reiff Law Firm have successfully handled numerous cases involving defective airbags.  Our skilled airbag defect lawyers have learned that many times manufacturers have been aware of defects in their products due to improper design and software irregularities and as a result, thousands of needless catastrophic injuries and wrongful deaths have occurred.

Unfortunately, many of the automobile manufacturers have concealed this knowledge from the public leaving it to auto safety litigators to uncover widespread defects that they have may have been known about for many years.

Unfortunately, the government does not have the resources to fully and effectively police auto safety.  Many times there is a conspiracy of silence as attorneys negotiate confidential settlements with automobile manufacturers in airbag defect and auto product liability claims.  We have found that automobile manufacturers often deemphasize consumer safety and concentrate more on profitability and continue to manufacture and distribute vehicles with airbag defects caused by inferior algorithms, use of cheap sensors, failure to incorporate the latest technology, problems as simple as venting and folding defects, and airbags without tethers.

In the recent defective ignition switch defect, GM allegedly knew about the ignition switch defect for decades, yet has only now agreed to conduct a recall.  Concern remains that it may not be extensive enough.  Unfortunately, when automobile manufacturers fail to do their job, consumers are placed in a position where they may suffer even worse injuries or wrongful deaths than they would have otherwise been confronted with.

It is important to obtain “black box records” and work with attorneys experienced in uncovering evidence that manufacturers knew of the defects and could have corrected but chose not to.

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