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Dangerous Truck Barrels Through Intersection and T-Bones Car in Texas

While many drivers simply obey the traffic signals and enter into an intersection when the light turns green, it may pay to heed advice typically issued in driver’s education programs. That is, you should always look both ways before proceeding into an intersection to be sure that all other drivers are heeding their red traffic signal. In one Austin, Texas accident, this advice could have potentially averted a violent wreck, but this is rather beside the point. Drivers should not have to take last-minute evasive action to avoid reckless commercial truck drivers operating unsafe vehicles.

The Austin Texas Accident

FM 2222 and Jester Boulevard in Austin is a well-traveled roadway where traffic can sometimes become rather hectic and unpredictable. However, few would ever expect to see the sight that unfolded during a February morning commute.

In the video embedded above, a number of vehicles are stopped at a red light at the intersection of FM 2222 and Jester Boulevard. A number of cars are waiting in the right lane for a safe opportunity to make a right turn. The last vehicle in the right lane prepares to make the turn. However, before the driver can turn, a dump truck carrying gravel barrels into the field of view, and rear-ends the white car waiting to make a turn. The dump trucks speed carries it into the intersection pushing the white car along with it. The dump truck strikes the traffic light support pole on the opposite side of the intersection before careening off the road while nearly overturning. It appears that the white sedan was also carried off the road by the force of the dump truck. While the truck was off camera by this point, eyewitnesses indicated that the truck caught fire soon after it traveled off the road and into the ditch.

What Injuries Occurred in the Crash?

If you have watched the video and read the description above, this probably sounds like an accident that caused, at least, one fatality to the driver or occupants of the vehicles. Shockingly, both drivers survived the crash. However, the driver of the white sedan did not escape without serious and perhaps life-altering injuries.

In all, four people including the driver of the truck were taken to a local hospital for treatments for injuries related to the crash. The driver of the white sedan claims that she had glass embedded into her face and ears. Furthermore, she states that she suffered severe spinal injuries as a result of the crash.

What Was the Cause of the Accident?

It is not one-hundred percent clear as to the exact cause of the accident in this case. Observers of the crash opined that the truck simply approached the intersection at too high of a speed and was unable to come to a halt due to the truck’s size and weight. Others, including the Austin Police Department’s accident report, claimed that the truck suffered a brake failure that made stopping the vehicle impossible.

However, in a lawsuit filed by counsel for the driver of the white sedan, a different theory behind the accident is advanced. The lawsuit claims that the driver of the dump truck failed to maintain a proper lookout, did not maintain control of his vehicle, and operated the truck in an unsafe manner. Other allegations in the lawsuit include that the driver “drove too fast for the conditions then existing, failed to reduce his speed, failed to make timely application of his brakes, failed to yield the right of way while turning left, and operated his vehicle in an unsafe and improper manner.”

truck accident lawyers - Dangerous Truck Barrels Through Intersection and T-Bones Car in Texas

The lawsuit also notes that the truck driver is a “twice-convicted felon” and also had previous convictions for driving under the influence (DUI) and for driving without a license.

The lawyer for the crash victim who is not affiliated with this site stated to news agency’s that the “Bottom line is that truck should not have been on the road and that driver should not have been driving that vehicle.”

Injured in a Commercial Truck Accident?

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