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How Car’s OnStar System Provides Information After Car Accident

Many cars on the road today are equipped with an OnStar FMV system which is designed to offer turn by turn navigation, vehicle safety assistance, emergency services and a direct link to live advisors with the ability to detect and send help to the exact location of your vehicle in the event of a car accident.

One of the featured selling points and advantages of OnStar service allows the victim of a motor vehicle accident to contact a call center in the event of a collision or emergency.  When a collision is detected by airbag deployment or other sensors, an advanced automatic collision notification feature is automatically sent detailing the vehicle’s condition and GPS location to on-call centers on a 24-hour 7-day basis.

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Recently, OnStar changed its terms and conditions to allow the sale of vehicle location and speeds to interested third parties including law enforcement agencies and came under a considerable amount of criticism.

As a motor vehicle and Pennsylvania truck accident attorney for over three and a half decades, we understand just how important OnStar data at the time of a collision can be in terms of accident reconstruction and claim prosecution.

Subpoena Onboard OnStar Data

OnStar maintains recorded conversations of accident victims at the time and shortly after the time of vehicle the accident and may contain admissions against interests and admissions of liability.  Often statements are made by a party, in addition to the date recorded, which reveal much information about the causes of the accident and liability.  In any significant car accident where the injuries warrant the expenditure, lawyers and accident reconstructionists should always subpoena onboard OnStar data, as well as perform a data download from the event data recorders on the vehicle.  Additionally, the experienced and skilled accident investigator should request 911 emergency phone tapes and 911 emergency phone calls which also provide timely investigative facts and witness statements that surround the accident.

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The OnStar website proclaims the benefits of OnStar in the event of a crash noting that sensors automatically alert responders and advisors to the accident and many surrounding factors.

OnStar advertises that the vehicle can transmit important crash data to OnStar including direction, number of impacts, rollover status, and the maximum velocity at impact.  This measures the impact and assists first responders in gaging severity.  An advisor shares potential life-saving information with responders before they even arrive.

Contact a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer that Can Make the Best Decisions for Your Case

Many times when liability or facts are in dispute in the prosecution of a car accident claim, this information is particularly valuable and should be utilized to properly protect and maximize the interests of an injured party. Have you been in a car accident and are in need of legal representation? Contact a Delaware County car accident lawyer today.

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