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Can Dashcams Prevent Trucking Accidents?

Dash cameras are nothing new to the auto industry, in fact, dash cams have been used in police vehicles for years. Dashcams are exactly what their name implies, they are small cameras that are placed on the dashboard of vehicles. Dashcams have proven invaluable in accident cases because they show exactly what drivers were doing on the road. Their use has been a two-edged sword so to speak in that they have shown that a truck driver was negligent, but they have also shown that another driver was negligent. However, there has been a twist suggested for dashcams in tractor-trailers. Not only are some proposing that a standard dashcam pointing towards the road be installed, but some have suggested that a dashcam pointed at the driver should equally be installed.

Why Dashcams in 18-wheelers is a good idea

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Dashcams are readily available to the public and can be purchased at just about every electronics store and for a relatively nominal cost. In addition, the once cumbersome task of storing data and footage has now become much simpler due to advances in storage devices. Several major trucking companies have taken advantage of these devices, and have begun installing them into their trucks. Some of the advantages that these trucking companies have noted when they have reported on the relative success include helping to decide fault after a truck accident, improving safety records, and decreasing insurance premiums.

Often a major argument point in any truck accident comes down to playground like banter, with one side saying they did this, and the other side responding well they did that. A dashcam is a very effective way of stopping this child-like bickering as it can provide a clear and unbiased view of what actually happened. While those involved in an accident may spend hours in the courtroom arguing about what happened and if the driver crossed the center line, a simple review of the dashcam footage can reveal what happened. Trucking company executives have noted that this is one of the positives of installing a dashcam if they can save costs by simply playing the footage for all to see when they can save fees and resolve fault issues much quicker.

In addition, these devices have been shown to improve the safety record of a trucking company. While some drivers have complained it feels too much like a big brother to have a camera pointing at them when they are driving, some companies have found that if they see a driver nodding off the camera allows them to identify the driver and dispatchers can subsequently contact them instructing them to pull over.

An increase in safety records and a decrease in accidents have also had an ancillary effect and caused trucking companies’ insurance premiums to dramatically drop. Some companies have cited that their insurance premiums have dropped a dramatic twenty-five to thirty percent. This savings helps not only the companies but also all Americans. Trucking companies who install dashcams and subsequently have lower insurance payments are able to cut surcharges for customers making prices go down.

One trucking company cited that after they installed dashcams in their vehicles that the number of accidents decreased by fifty percent. This astounding figure shows that dashcams have the potential of making everyone on the road much safer.

Should Dashcams be Required?

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Recently, the National Transportation Safety Board issued a recommendation that heavy trucks and bus fleets should be equipped with video system recorders to monitor their drivers. After examining 10,648 crashes involving heavy trucks and busses based on data pulled from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and found that when cameras were installed fatal accidents dramatically decreased.

In fact, according to the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute, when a dashcam was installed the number of fatal injury crashes was reduced by twenty percent and the number of crashes resulting in injury decreased by thirty-five percent.

Preventing Fraudulent Accidents

There is a scare tactic used by some drivers sometimes called “cash for crash” wherein a driver will purposefully cut in front of a tractor-trailer or engage in other reckless behavior to force an accident with a truck. This is a horrible practice and one that no sane person should ever consider doing, however, dashcams have proven that they happen. Not only have dashcams proven that these accidents happen but they have had the effect of protecting drivers from frivolous lawsuits.

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