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Bucks County Elevator/Escalator Accident Lawyers

Injuries sustained from a broken or malfunctioning elevator or escalator are usually grounds for a premises liability injury claim or lawsuit. A property owner is negligent if he or she failed to properly maintain their premises and ensure that any unsafe conditions or hazards were repaired so that no one is injured or dies. Children, adults, and the elderly are at risk of serious injury or death when they are passengers on an escalator or elevator that is defective or not properly maintained.

Escalator Accidents

A person can get seriously hurt when riding an elevator if his or her shoes, shoelaces, clothing, arm, or leg gets stuck between a moving escalator and the space between the escalator and the floor. This is known as entrapment.  It is important that an escalator passenger pay attention and step on or off at the proper time.

Elevator Accidents

If an elevator does not line up correctly with the floor when the elevator door opens, passengers could fall down or get stuck. An elevator that gets stuck, drops suddenly or has a door that malfunctions can also injure occupants or passengers in the process of entering or exiting the elevator.  Other elevator malfunctions include the doors closing on unsuspecting riders, sudden jerks and halts that cause riders to lose their balance and fall, mis-leveling with the floor that causes people to trip when entering or exiting, malfunction of the pulley mechanism which causes the elevator to free fall down the shaft, or faulty wiring which could electrocute and injure riders.

Painful injuries resulting from an escalator or an elevator accident include:

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