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Runaway Rapids Family Water Park Accident Injury Lawyer

Waterparks can provide a safe and controlled environment for family fun in the summer heat. Parks strive to protect their guests and thousands, if not millions, of Americans enjoy waterparks and their slides safely and without incident. Some of the attractions offered by Runaway Rapids in Keansburg, New Jersey are:

  • Toddler’s Reef – This water feature attraction provides aquatic fun designed for young children. Parent supervision is required.
  • Frog Slide – The frog slide allows even young children to get a taste of sliding into crisp, refreshing pools below.
  • Moon Walk – An attraction that is designed for children to show off their balance and strength. Participants attempt to navigate Lilly pads with the assistance of a suspended rope.
  • Light Green Slide – The light greed slide is also a water feature primarily intended for children.  The pool’s depth ranges from 0” to 12” of water.
  • Tipping Bucket and Bridge – This is a major feature of the children’s play area. The bucket sits over the bridge and would periodically dump its content on those who pass under the bucket.
  • Lost Lagoon – For those seeking slower-paced relaxation, the Lost Lagoon offers heated spas.
  • Soaring Thunder – A head-first plunge is designed to thrill riders as they have a panoramic view of the course that lies ahead.
  • Mega Bunga Falls – Mega Bunga has dual slides riders slide down before dropping several feet into the pool.
  • Nestea Plunge – Provides a rope swing not completely different from the one used by Tarzan. Guests can test their strength as they swing through the air and into the water below.
  • VooDoo Encounter – This slide emphasizes twists and turns and passes through both open and enclosed segments.
  • Volcanic Revenge – This hilly slide is designed to thrill all riders by “defying gravity”. Riders plummet down the steep initial hill before climbing back up again.

However, wherever there are people, injury can occur. If you or one of your family members are hurt at an amusement park or water park, the experienced attorneys of The Reiff Law Firm can stand-up for you. With more than 34 years of experience, we are trusted to handle your concerns professionally and strategically.

What Types of Risks Exist at all Water Park?

Collectively, waterparks spend millions of dollars to prevent guest injuries. However, even when reasonable precautions are taken, serious injury or death can still occur. However certain types of injuries are more common than others. Injury vectors at water parks include:

  • Summer storms – Summer weather can be violent and lead to injuries in any context. If the storm is electrical in nature, any location with large bodies of water can cause injury. However, awareness of changing weather conditions and monitoring for lightning strikes can minimize the risk of injury from bad weather.
  • Ride failure – While extremely rare, failure of the ride or its components can occur. If a ride fails due to the conditions or for another reason serious injury or death can occur.
  • Slip and falls – Parks, shops, restaurants and any facility open to the public presents the risk of a slip and fall or trip and fall injury. The large bodies of water present at waterparks can increase the likelihood of injury due to slipping. However simple precautions can greatly reduce the likelihood of such an injury.
  • Guest misbehavior – Wrongful actions by guests can contribute to, or cause injury. If a guest runs through dangerous areas, fails to follow posted instructions, or engages in prohibited horseplay the risk of injury increases.

If you have been injured at a local, regional or national amusement park or theme park, you need an experienced advocate willing to stand up for your rights. At The Reiff Law Firm we have advocated strategically and aggressively for more than 34 years. For your free and confidential legal consultation, call us at (215) 709-6940 or contact us online.