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Lazy River Ride Injury Attorney

While many people would consider an inner tube ride like a lazy river to be a safe, lazy experience, many of these rides can actually pose serious safety risks for patrons. Every year, people are injured on these seemingly tame rides at waterparks throughout the country. If you suffered injuries, you might be entitled to compensation from the water park that allowed you to be injured.

Lazy River Injuries & Dangers

Many people may wrongly expect that lazy river rides are safe. Unfortunately for those who underestimate these rides, these injuries could be incredibly severe. Young children and inexperienced swimmers are at an especially high risk of injury or drowning.
These rides often have higher speeds and deeper water than most people anticipate. Falling off a tube – or riding on a tube that flips – can easily dump a rider into the water. The current on a river ride may be quite quick, and it may be difficult even for strong swimmers to return to the surface or stabilize themselves. People relying on the tube as a flotation device may be surprised to find themselves in deep water, unable to climb back onto their tube.

Many lazy river rides follow cement and stone pathways. If you fall off your tube, you could easily strike your head against the sides or bottom of these rivers. This can cause concussions or traumatic brain injuries. Especially if you are knocked unconscious, you face a high risk of drowning.
The rough, sharp surface of many of these concrete rivers is quite dangerous. Being swept along by the current, whether you are still in your tube or not, can mean striking the edge. You can easily bump your head, suffering injuries. Additionally, the surfaces can scrape your skin, causing deep, painful, bleeding abrasions. Even if you stay on the tube, your knees, feet, hands, and other body parts could strike or scape the walls causing broken bones, abrasions, and even torn ligaments.

Any one of these injuries on its own may not seem severe. However, if a patron is thrown from their tube and unable to regain control, they could easily suffer from multiple types of injuries. Always a risk in water-based rides, you also face a risk of drowning. Though drowning is not always fatal, it does cut the flow of oxygen to the brain. This condition, hypoxia, is incredibly dangerous. It can kill brain cells and cause permanent injury if it goes untreated by lifeguards for a prolonged period.

Compensation for Lazy River Injuries

If you suffered severe injuries on one of these rides, or any amusement park ride, you could be entitled to substantial compensation for your injuries. Talk to an attorney before accepting any money from the amusement park for your injuries. The legal and management teams of amusement parks are primarily concerned with their business interests. This means keeping payments to injured patrons low, and keeping the injuries out of the public’s eye. This protects their bottom line and their reputation.

Offers from amusement parks or their legal teams may be too low to cover your needs. These settlements may not fully cover your bills, and you might be entitled to much higher damages if you take your case to court. What the water park thinks your injuries are worth may be far lower than your case is actually worth. Talk to an attorney to learn how much you may be entitled to before accepting anything.

Our attorneys fight to get multiple areas of damages compensated. First, the cost of medical expenses could be reimbursed. This includes any medical costs, such as ambulance rides, hospital visits, surgery, imaging costs, rehabilitation, and physical therapy. If you had to miss work because of your injuries, you could have your missed wages reimbursed. If your injuries make it difficult to return to work, you could also have future lost wages reimbursed. Lastly, you could be entitled to direct compensation to pay for your pain and suffering. Different states have different rules regarding how much you may be entitled to, but this money is usually paid on top of medical expenses and other damages.

Water Park Injury Attorneys

For a free consultation on your lazy river injuries, contact the water park injury lawyers at Reiff Law Firm. Our attorneys fight on behalf of injured amusement park patrons throughout the country. If you or a loved one was injured, call us today. Because your case might be limited by strict deadlines, it is vital to get your case moving as soon as you can. Call (215) 709-6940 today for a free consultation on your case.