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Why Families Choose The Reiff Law Firm

What is the Value of Shattered Hopes and Dreams?

When people suffer a severe injury, they’re disoriented, grieving, and scared. The future becomes uncertain. Will they be in pain for the rest of their life? What about the medical bills? How do they go back to work when they’ve just lost a child or husband?

What about the hopes and dreams they had for the future?

We Specialize in Severe Injury Cases — And Win Over 98 Percent of the Time

We see people at the worst time in their entire lives: when a child or spouse has been lost, or their health permanently destroyed. That’s why we fight so hard to get you justice, including obtaining an award that recognizes the true extent of your losses.

The Reiff Law Firm specializes in only severe injury and wrongful death cases. We take only a few cases at a time so we can focus and win. We take only cases we believe in, and we fight hard to get the most compensation for our clients. This is why our success rate is well over 98 percent and why we get very large awards for our clients.

Because We Take Care of You so That You Can Grieve, Heal, and Recover

When the worst happens, you’re overwhelmed and vulnerable. Yet, at the same time, you suddenly have to make difficult, sometimes horrible, decisions. You have to fight insurance companies and big corporations, and pay confusing medical bills. In some cases, reporters may be calling for interviews or information. All while you are just trying to cope.

team working - Why Families Choose The Reiff Law Firm

We Stop the Circus

Our caring, expert staff steps in to protect our clients, so you have the time and space to grieve and heal. We handle the medical and insurance bills. We listen, hold your hands, and help you make decisions about doctors and hospitals and other services.

We make demands and noise go away so that you and your family can come together and focus on what really matters. We will show you there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Philadelphia’s Personal injury Lawyer Extraordinary RESULTS

Auto Defect/Product Liability Recovery
Auto Defect/Product Liability Recovery
Wrongful Death from a DUI Accident
Medical Malpractice Settlement
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Countless Positive Reviews | 5Avg

I can’t say enough great things about the Attorneys at the Reiff Law Firm. They made me feel at ease when I was going... through a very difficult time in my life. Never being in a situation like this I was so unsure of where to start and how to go about the process. Justin gave me options where I thought I had none and explained everything in a way that I could understand. Justin and the team helped me arrange all of the treatment and therapy that I needed, without them I would have been lost. My attorney John went to bat for me like no one else could have, his knowledge and professionalism is unmatched. If anyone is ever in need of a team of attorneys the Reiff Law Firm is my ONLY recommendation.

We were extremely impressed with the personal care and professionalism of the Reiff Law Firm. I would not hesitate in... the least to recommend them to my associates and friends. They were competent and aware of the developments which they openly shared. All the best to Reiff Law Firm

These guys don’t mess around. After a lot of research, it was clear from their results page and the free consultation... that this was the firm for me. They were always there for us, showed compassion, and answered each and every possible question. They will be my first and only call if I ever need anything in the future. Cannot stress enough... Just call them. They live up to their reputation many times over.

I highly recommend the team at the Reiff Law Firm. Both Jeff and Robert were there to guide me through a very difficult... time. What started out as a time for me that included a lot of doubt, questions and hopelessness has turned into one of a hopeful future. The team at the Reiff Law Firm made me feel at ease and I had no doubts trusting them with various concerns. They kept me informed every step of the way without making me feel overwhelmed or anxious. Don't hesitate to contact them for your legal needs - especially if you want a team that has the utmost concern and compassion for their clients.

It has been my professional privilege to know Jeff Reiff for 30 years. The effort he puts out for his clients is... extraordinary, as are the results. Every client that I have referred his way has thanked me for recommending them to Jeff Reiff and his firm.

Because We Invest In Your Case

It often takes a lot of money to find out what really happened and prepare a case for a jury—in many cases hundreds of thousands of dollars. For example, an auto company may have known about and ignored an engineering flaw that caused hundreds of terrible accidents. But finding the proof takes a lot of work by a lot of experienced investigators experts, and a diligent staff with years of experience.

Few firms make this kind of investment in their clients’ cases. We know there’s no such thing as an easy win. So we do.

Because We Help You Understand Your Case

From the start, there’s no BS. We’ll tell you whether we think you have a claim, and whether it makes sense to pursue it. We’ll explain what to expect—the good, bad and ugly parts. We’ll help you understand what we’re doing at every step, and why.
It’s your case. You remain informed at every step.

Share your experience and we will provide you with a free consultation case review

Because you never pay us anything up front — ever.

Our agreement with clients is called a “contingency fee”. That means we keep a portion of the money won for you when we succeed. We normally front all costs needed to win your case, knowing that there are no short cuts on the way to a just result.
If we can’t find a solution for you, you do not pay us back for any of it, not even what we invested in your case up front. We have never billed a client and we never will.

It’s worth repeating: If we don’t win for you, you pay nothing to us, not even expenses. This is our promise and guarantee. It’s a risk we believe is worth taking for honest people who have suffered grievous injury. Learn more here.

Ask People Who Know Us

The Reiff Law Firm has a reputation for winning, for caring, and for honesty. And that reputation is not only from clients who won large awards.Other lawyers also commend us. Even insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, law professors, Judges and auto companies respect us. In fact, they send their families and friends to us. These professionals deal with lawyers all day every day. They know and value our honest, diligent, client-focused approach.